N for Natural Hair

For a long time, badger hair was thought to be the very best fibre for shaving brushes. It has a high level of resilience and flexibility and is about the only natural hair that doesn’t become matted when wet. So badger hair was the number-one choice for high-quality shaving brushes for a long time. However, there are synthetic materials these days that are not only by no means inferior to natural hair, but even surpass it. Mühle spent two years experimenting together with a fibre manufacturer until they got the material just right. The aim wasn’t to imitate badger hair, but to develop a shaving brush with optimal properties. Seven fibres with different textures and thicknesses were combined in a very specific way until their durability, drying, foaming characteristics and softness on the skin were actually better than with the badger hair shaving brush. So switching is worth a try – and that’s good news for badgers, too.