D as in Dachshaar

Dachshaar means hair of the badger. The badger is commonly called “brock” in fables. It is a marten-like carnivore that digs ornate tunnels with its paws. The animal is of special interest to connoisseurs of the fine wet shave because of its fur. The hair is delicate and elastic and produces an especially creamy and thick lather. The standard quality is the simple dark-grey hair. Then comes the fine light badger hair and then premium silvertip badger hair. Maintain it carefully and you will take much pleasure in your badger hair shaving brush for many years. The brushes should always be rinsed and dried thoroughly. Together with a supplier, MÜHLE has developed an alternative: Black Fibre and Silvertip Fibre brushes – two synthetic fibres even excel the using properties of the natural badger hair.