Warmth, space and a whole lot of summery bliss: For 30 Grad, Berlin-based photographer Maximilian Virgili took MÜHLE products on a journey.

Walking on Sunshine

As head of photography at ZeitMagazin, Maximilian Virgili regularly stages still-life galleries, and as a photographer he is known for his travel reports. For 30 Grad, he has combined his two passions by shooting MÜHLE products while travelling.

For globetrotters: The head of the MÜHLE travel shaving brushes can be unscrewed and stored in the handle.
Originally from Australia, since the end of the 18th century also found in Europe and always an eye-catcher: the Callistemon citrinus.
Always there: Travel set with razor R89 and brush with Silvertip Fibre, with chrome-plated handles in a brown leather bag.
Vastness, warmth and a whole lot of delight: Maximilian Virgili’s pictures awaken longings.
Also does well on rocky ground: the travel set with razor R89, brush with Silvertip Fibre in a brown leather bag.
The razor from the Stylo series with a handle made of thuja wood in a travel case made of Florentine leather.
Travel in style: Important grooming rituals deserve aesthetic accessories, also when on the move. just as our small leatherbag RT 5, made of cowhide, handmade in Germany by a regional manufacturer.
A feast for the eyes for every sink edge: brushes and planes from the Kosmo series made of high-grade resin.
Sun-kissed: brushes and planes from the Purist series with handles made of Karelian burl birch and sandalwood shavecare come in the small travel bag RT 5.

This article was first published in the spring 2020 print edition of 30 Grad. Since then, the assortment has changed in parts. Some products are therefore no longer available in the variant shown.