Italian entrepreneur and designer Alessandro Squarzi on white trousers, kissing made up lips and Instagram.

“White is the colour of the soul”

Alessandro Squarzi lives in Rimini and Milan. The entrepreneur and designer loves fashion, but he would not let it determine his dressing style. Some people think he is a bit too entrenched because he always wears the same cloths. He says: “I dress the way I feel.”

Senor Squarzi, I will start with a compliment: You look amazing! What is your most important beauty product?

My perfume which I use for 30 years now: “Pour un Homme de Caron”. It smells of talcum powder: pure and fresh.

Haven’t you ever tried something else in these 30 years?

I am very loyal. I don’t like unnatural things. I even don’t kiss women who wear lipstick.

Most of the time you look like you haven’t shaved yourself since exactly a week. How do you do that?

I trim my beard nearly every day. My skin is extremely sensitive. When I clean-shave my beard I get red irritations, swellings. I look bad.

The menswear exhibition Pitti Uomo takes place in Florence at the moment. It is an agglomerate of male vanity. Why do men recently have so much joy showcasing themselves?

One has to be shooted there, if he wants to play in the upper league nowadays. Ten years ago there was no Instagram. No social media. I remember it clearly. I was walking around the exhibition, when a little man said to me: Excuse me, Sir, can I take a picture of you? That was Scott Schuman, nowadays the most famous street style photographer. In the evening I told my wife: Somebody wanted to take a picture of me in the street – for the internet! Can you imagine?

Today you have hundred thousands of followers on Instagram. Everybody loves your style. And you love white trousers. Why is that actually?

White is the colour of the soul! I have to wear something white every day. Whatever the weather, I can’t do without it.

This article was first published in the spring 2017 print edition of 30 Grad.